This week’s Tuesday Topics were kind of fun!  It was a nice chance to go back and review several years of posts and feelings and see what I wrote and what has been a monumental thing in my past.  So here are my eight favorite posts!

The Austin Family Diary
  1. The story of how a fifth grader just blessed my heart
  2. This was a fun follow up to this post on ten memorable movie quotes.  I couldn’t stop thinking of great movie lines, so I had to do another post with more of my favorites!
  3. My personal reflection on the events of April 16, 2007
  4. I used to do these weird headline roundups often, and I miss them.  I should do one soon!
  5. From a late night joking session with a friend, we developed the House Rules
  6. My love of the Olympics is well documented on this website.  This is just one of many roundups from the games.
  7. Delayed grief and farewell my friend
  8. The best gift I ever received

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